AICN: Disney is About to Green Light a TRON LEGACY Sequel

Ain't it Cool says:

And this was the happy word I received today on the Grapevine of Industry Insiders. TRON LEGACY, a film that many people loved, and a lot of people wanted more from, and that a very vocal minority incessantly bitch about... is getting close, incredibly close to having its SEQUEL announced!

As TRON LEGACY is set to cross $300 million worldwide, the film has proved, beyond a doubt that there is an audience that buys this science fiction fantasy. And as DAFT PUNK's blisteringly awesome TRON LEGACY score continues to power the geek work force of the nation to plow through mindnumbing task after task... Disney is beginning to realize, TRON could be a franchise.

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darklordzor4150d ago

They've been talking about a sequel for a while, so I'm sure it's going to happen...even though I don't really want one.

Quagmire4150d ago

Legacy was great. Sure it wasnt as deep as I was hoping it would be, but it was still a fun ride worthy of a BD purchase.

Im just hoping the story is much meatier in the next one, and we see/hear more from Daft Punk, and perhaps Cillian Murphy as the new villain.

Soldierone4150d ago

The first hour of this film was fantastic, then they started pouring on the dialogue and it got boring as hell. The story didn't hold up, the visuals got repetitive, random things were happening for no reason. Itsp retty obvious by the ending it was set up for a second one, but I don't want it if it follows this forumla. I won't be seeing it in theaters, ill rent it. Unless people say its better and follows the first hour of the current Tron.

Along with that, leaving people that never watched the first Tron out in the dark was a horrible mistake. Its been how many years? Even those of us that watched it probably forgot half the stuff they were talking about.