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The Challenge of Sequelizing Ghostbusters

Every time one of the original Ghostbusters stars promotes a film, they answer the inevitable Ghostbusters III question that fuels a new round of breathless stories that turn out to be apparitions. Ivan Reitman, back as director thanks to his strong original Ghostbusters deal, is the latest to weigh in as he promotes his latest film No Strings Attached. He is getting more mileage telling reporters that Bill Murray doesn't hate the script than he is talking up the Natalie Portman-Ashton Kutcher sex romp. Here's what I hear: Reitman and Sony Pictures have no idea if the mercurial Murray will smile on the script they've just sent him. Without Murray, the studio absolutely will not make the film, which gives an extraordinary amount of leverage to a quirky actor who leaves financiers sweating until the moment he shows up on the set.

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Crazay4461d ago

It's true that a Ghostbusters movie wouldn't be the same with out Murray but it could be done. Isn't part of the whole idea behind this to bring ina younger group to take the reign from the originals in the first place?

Soldierone4461d ago

Yeah, its basically a reboot without calling it a reboot. Which is a good plan since an actual reboot would just make a lot of angry fans go crazy.

Crazay4461d ago

Well a passing of the torch isn't necessarily a bad thing if they want to keep the series going and that is probably the best way to do it but they need to make sure it's a likable cast that's sure to make themselves available should it be required for subsequent sequels.

Soldierone4461d ago

Yeah thats why I think this route is probably the best route. If they just went up and rebooted it, fans of Murray etc...would get mad.

By doing it this way, the keep the fans happy that he is in a film, but also let him rub off onto a younger character. Thus fans see a new Murray in the younger character, and the franchise can carry on without the original crew.

Ghostbusters is a highly profitable namebrand, im suprised it took this long to do it.

BlackTar1874461d ago

only way id be happy is a passing of the torch. Im ahuge GB fan and id be upset if they just did a remake with new actors.

blur994461d ago

The first Ghostbusters is one of the greatest films ever for me.
Murray as Peter Venkman will be hard to duplicate.
I hope this one is better than Ghostbusters 2.