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NonsenseFilm Interview: Dominic Pace Talks Lex Luthor

NonsenseFilm's Tom Acres writes:

'With Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan currently in the process of cooking up plans for the upcoming Superman Reboot, rumours are already flooding the internet with rumour after rumour on who might portray the world’s most famous superhero and whoever his nemesis might be.

Despite more than a few fantastic portrayals in prior films, the character of Lex Luthor will be very hard to resist for Snyder, as he is surely the greatest Superman villain of them all.

So who might get the chance to take on Superman? Well, he may not be the biggest name on the movie scene, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than Dominic Pace. Already with plenty of TV credits to his name, as well as a Best Actor award from the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Dominic has emerged as a real contender for the role thanks to the momentous support behind his internet campaign.

Dominic was kind enough to offer up some of his time to sit down and answ...

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