CSI Brings Bieber Back For February Sweeps

February is shaping up to be un-Bieber-lievably Bieberful. Hot off the news that Fox’s Glee will cover a Justin Bieber song or two in its February 15 episode, CBS’s CSI has announced that the teen crooner will reprise his role of Jason McCann during sweeps.

In CSI‘s Season 11 premiere, Bieber made his TV drama debut as Jason, a troubled teen whose brother was eventually killed by the CSIs.

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Quagmire3900d ago

Hahhahahahahaaahooo....Dear GOD Why?!

Sunny_D3900d ago

For real. Get rid of this Beaver before he gets all that fame into his head and soon will think he can star in his own Big screen movie... cringes*

Soldierone3899d ago

Too late, already happening lol. Its ust the child star of a new generation nothing really new.

Crazay3900d ago

Someone needs to run up to that lil prick with an electric razor and shear a line into his helmet head jackass style

Sunny_D3900d ago

Muhahaha, I would love that to happen. The only reason they bought him back is because he shot up their ratings. All the under age kids who shouldn't be watching CSI atched it for him. Beiber Fever is a disease...

Soldierone3899d ago

They are just testing the waters to see if he will be useful after his kid stuff gets old. If it works, he will be around for a while, if not he will disapear. Im guess second will happen.

Crazay3899d ago

That spoiled brat look on his puss in the picture above isn't his acting skills - His mother told him to take a bath.

Soldierone3899d ago

I can't stand his acting, its worse than his fake singing. If anything he will just end up being a dancer or some behind the scenes person, cus I dont see him doing anything after his voice changes.

zerox5053899d ago

hopefully he dies in this episode