The Dark Knight Rises Casting Info, Shooting Dates, and Design Details

Today, Collider has been sent three very interesting rumors concerning Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Before Collider goes into what they were sent, it’s important to know that Nolan’s intense desire for secrecy regarding his films makes it impossible to get confirmation or denial on any rumor.

First up, a source tells Collider that Eva Green and Naomi Watts have been cast in the film. The source doesn’t know which roles they’re playing, but believes they’ve been cast as Talia al Ghul and Vicki Vale, respectively. Collider previously reported that the film would have two new female leads a love interest and a villain.

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dweavis4145d ago

Oh please let it be true, I love both Eva Green and Naomi Watts but mostly Eva. The other actresses listed are interesting but after this rumor none of the others will be suitable now. Eva will be a great villain (which is what I am supposing her character is). Hope this turns out to be true cause I will have yet another reason to be excited for the film.

Crazay4145d ago

I know of Talia Al Ghul's character but don't know just how "badass" this villian is. I also and know of Vickie Vale from the original Batman movies from the 80s but does she actually exist in the comic series? Anyone have good Batman lore knowledge who can shed a light on this for me?

JL4145d ago

Vicki (there's no E on the end) Vale DOES exist in the comics. In fact she played a very prominent role in the early years. Later on she would appear periodically after long hiatuses. She returned to playing a prominent role in the past couple of years as she figures out Bruce's true identity and that of the entire Batman family and threatens to out them all.

As for Talia, I guess that depends on what you mean by "badass". First off, I don't think she's actually a villain. Rather, she's a villain at times, but she's a heroine at times as well. Really she's an antihero (well antiheroine in her case I guess).

Anyways, if you're talking "badass" in personality. Then the antihero label should give you a hint. She does a lot of bad stuff, yes. Most of this is done out of her devotion to her dad. Some for personal gain or gain of her family. Some just because she's been raised that way and it's sort of ingrained in her. However, she also does plenty good. Often times helping out Batman (since she's so in love with him, plus she's the mother of his child) or helping Gordon, etc. So she sort of walks a line, crossing back and forth over it at times.

Now, if you're talking "badass" as in physically. Then yes, she'd whoop your ass. Given who her dad is and the crew she grew up around, she'd been trained in martial arts her whole life. So, you wouldn't want to run into her in a dark alley and piss her off by any means.

Crazay4145d ago

Good info sir - Thankyou

xVeZx4145d ago

eva green looks like shes gonna be the villian but noami watts doesnt look like a vicki vale to me

Soldierone4144d ago

Personally if Nolan is done being creative then its probably time to let the franchise rest for a while. I was much more interested in it before all the Catwoman rumor came up. He was supposedly looking deeper and doing villians we were not used to.

LtSkittles4144d ago

"He was supposedly looking deeper and doing villians we were not used to." Aka Talia Al Ghoul. He said villains who weren't portrayed on film. I love the way he's doing things, and plus this is supposedly Bale's, and Nolan's last Batman film.

Crazay4144d ago

As the saying goes - Money talks and if this movie receives the same critical acclaim and box office draw as the last one, there's nothing to stop a dump truck of $$$ from being backed up to Nolan and Bale's front door to entice another.

I suspect this movie won't be as good as the last primarily because of Ledger's incredible performance as the Joker. Let's be honest here, if it wasn't for his portrayal as the Joker, this movie had little else going for it.

Soldierone4144d ago

Look at Batman Arkham City, they chose a villian and everyone was like "huh who's is that?" and the Batman fans knew. Thats much more interesting to me than this. Mainly because Catwoman is Catwoman, we heard the story a billion times now. Doesn't matter how you change her, she is Catwoman.

LtSkittles4144d ago

Catwoman is just a rumor, just because the people were like "huh who's that," doesn't mean RockSteady doesn't know, I mean they are making the game, but what I'm saying is Christopher Nolan has said he wants villains who weren't portrayed on film before. I mean he brought Ra's Al Ghul, and Scarecrow into the first one, and then went with the Joker, and Two-Face. Yes, they both have previous iterations, but they made them work into their story making it kind of like the Long Halloween.

Vicki Vale(granted she's not a villain) was also in Batman '89, and if the rumor is true they're going to get Talia who hasn't been in live action Batman film yet. The Riddler was also shot down if you remember which means no same villains.

Also, I'm a huge Batman Fan, I've watched BTAS numerous times as a kid, watch Adam West in the 60's version(No, I'm 20 in 15 days lol), played Arkham Asylum, but didn't know who Hugo Strange was until '09.

Soldierone4144d ago

That's what I'm saying I want. I like these films because he is digging deeper and telling a story we haven't seen a million times. We are actually learning about the Batman universe through his iterations of it. Bring in Catwoman and Robin and all that disapears and we go back to why Batman movies were not great again.

And Rocksteady knows what they are doing, they are being like Nolan by digging deeper and giving it the Batman vibe by showing true Batman characteristics. The Riddler was in the game, but in a very unique way. The same concept could be brought to the films too. Nolan just has to have the freedom to do what he wants and use the villians he wants.

Crazay4144d ago

Catwoman wouldn't piss me off in the least, Nolan is sure to have some slightly twisted version of her in his head. I'd rather see Harley Quinn.

There's one thing I'd actually really like to see this time around - Robin.

I know I know, we've seen the Robin story but never from the Nolan point of view and I don't even think boy wonder needs to have any focal point in the story but think about it for a second. We hear mention of Robin's parents being killed and the movie ends with him making his 1st appearance by saving Batman foreshadowing what is to become of the kid.

Soldierone4143d ago

See Id take Harley Quinn over Catwoman anyday. She is much more interesting to me and fits Nolans universe much better.

Don't get me wrong, Im not going to hate this movie and not see it simply because Catwoman is in it. However I feel its more of a sex appeal than anything.

Robin can be interesting in Nolans way, I've seen some interesting concepts with Robin involved. However hearing Robin will be in a Batman film always makes me cringe.

LtSkittles4143d ago

I wouldn't want to see Harley unless the Joker was in it too, because She's his number one fan, and he's not even in it. Sure if they rebuilt Arkham, or brought it back, I can't remember if it was destroyed, or not. Sure if they just introduced her as Dr. Quinzel.

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JL4143d ago

Ok, seriously, people have to get off this Catwoman thing. It's not happening. I have no idea why the rumor is still around when David Goyer himself knocked it down 2 years ago. Are people that dense? I'm pretty sure the writer of the movie would know. He's stated that neither Catwoman nor Penguin will be the villains in "Batman 3".

How this is still a rumor after all this time is beyond me.

Furthermore, there will be no Robin either.

Soldierone4143d ago

Dunno but its still around, and people still think Riddler is possible. Either way im hoping my voice is heard and these rumors stay as rumors. At least the robin and catwoman ones. Riddler would be kind of cool.

JL4143d ago

Nolan and company are known for keeping things close to the vest. However, when they do come out and say something, you can pretty much take that to the bank. So, Goyer and Nolan's debunking of all those rumors should put a rest to it.

The funny thing is: people keep holding onto this Catwoman rumor like they desperately want it to be true. Yet, the majority of the rumor talks ends up in mass cries of "please no, don't let it be her". You would think if they were that set on not wanting Catwoman, then they would've took Goyer's word for it and left it at that in relief.

But, anytime a female casting rumor is brought up, where does it go? Right back to Catwoman rumors. It's like they think Catwoman is the only female in the Batman universe.