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That Movie Podcast Review: Green Hornet (Insert Lame Bug-Related Pun)

Zach of That Movie Podcast writes:
Michel Gondry is not the world’s most focused story-teller. I greatly enjoyed his last two “bigger” features (Be Kind Rewind and Science of Sleep); however, these were not films that I could argue for the strength of their stories. I would choose to defend them of the merit that I enjoyed hanging out with their main characters and the world they inhabited even when the pacing of the plot seemed to be nonexistent.

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Soldierone3908d ago

Saw it today. Its entertaining. Not as funny as I thought it would be, but entertaining. The 3D adds a lot of depth to the screen, but nothing really pops out till the credits.

Also I noticed a lot of ameturish film making mistakes. Bad cuts, a lot of bad follow throughs, and in some areas the 3D effect didnt work leaving the object completely blurred even when using the glasses. I also noticed with the 3D cameras they used to shoot the movie all the panning and fast motion is extremely blurred, it started giving me a headache.

ThatMoviePodcast3906d ago

Actually saw an early screening without 3D. I guess they're isn't a lot in theatres these days- besides the prestige pics which I've gotten around to checking out- so the Green Hornet seems like one of the better offerings. If this was a summer release...may have judged this film on a harsher basis.