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Is Natalie Portman Oscar Worthy?

With Natalie Portman being on the minds of everyone during this award season, TMP takes a look at her short, but impressive, career to see how Oscar worthy the young star really is.

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JL4150d ago

I think she's absolutely worthy. Seriously, her performance in Black Swan shows more range in just that one role than most actresses show their entire career. It was the best performance by an actress in 2010 for me, that I saw. If it was up to me, she's an absolute shoe-in for that award.

Looking over her past work clearly shows she's one of the greats too. By the way, I love your mention of Bates when listing off names. She's one that is better than all but a few, but it often overlooked in lists. Getting back to Portman though, her performance in The Professional was great and showed the potential she had. Loved her work in V for Vendetta as well. Heat she did well, and I don't have to comment again on Black Swan.

Another one that you overlooked, Garden State. She was great in that movie. And I loved the movie itself as well. She also did good in Where the Heart Is.

I absolutely think she's one of the absolute best actresses around today. And she's arguably my favorite.

darklordzor4149d ago

I think it would be criminal for her not to get an Oscar. She's done so much in her career and has proven time and time again that she can hang with the best. I've never seen such dedicated performances before. I loved V for Vendetta for many reasons, but she helped make that movie great.

JL4149d ago

Yea, it would be criminal for her not to get an Oscar. She better get it this year. And I agree about V for Vendetta. Some seemed to not like it, and I think it got somewhat mixed reviews (or at least I heard mixed things), but I thought movie was awesome. I absolutely loved it.

Crazay4148d ago

From everything I keep hearing about Black Swan this is her year to lose. I'm going to see if I can work something out to see this flick on the weekend.

Sunny_D4149d ago

I think she acts amazingly and looks amazing as a down to earth woman. Black Swan, I believe recieved like the most award nominations in movie history? Don't qoute me on that though, saw it on the movie commercial. :p