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Home & Theater: Top 11 films of 2010

David Weaver of Home And Theater writes: It's that time of year again...where we take stock of all the films we saw for the year and weigh in on which ones were a waste of time and which ones were time well spent. And not like this needs repeating but I will do it anyway, this is a list comprised of films "I" felt were the best of what this past year had to offer us. While there were more than a few films I liked overall that didn't make the cut (Let Me In, Tron: Legacy, Harry Potter, and The Town to name a few), I overall thought this was a pretty lack luster year despite the few really great films we got. The summer season was one of the worst summers at the movies in recent memory and most of the "award" type movies we got aren't that interesting either (quality not withstanding).

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JL4277d ago

Nice list here. I like some of your "unconventional" selections. Though, for me I enjoyed Kick-Ass more than Scott Pilgrim. I do agree with Inception though. Maybe not the best in certain areas, but the movie all-around was just awesome. It was my movie of the year as well. Just pure entertainment and fun in a non-stop thrill-ride.

dweavis4276d ago

Thanks, yeah I try to think outside the box most of the time. Kick Ass was awesome and while I did end up liking the overall film in the end I just thought Scott Pilgrim was the more consistent in the world it constructed. Don't get me wrong though, Hit Girl was almost enough for me to move it further up the list but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, no matter how in love I am with her.

And yeah, Inception was THE movie to see this year. It was our one and only event film that actually lived up to (and went beyond in my case) people's expectations for it. It only solidified my assumption that Dark Knight Rises is going to be one of the best third (and final?) chapters for a film trilogy ever.