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6 Movies That Really Need A Blu-Ray Version

With the announcement of Star Wars finally coming to blu-ray, TMP got to thinking about other movies fans have been wanting the most on blu-ray, but have yet to make any announcement.

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JL4277d ago

I agree with most of this. Indiana Jones and especially Jurassic Park trilogies would look awesome. Jaws would be cool as well. Also pretty much any Disney movie (including Aladdin) would be a welcome addition.

However, I think Titanic is one of the most overrated pieces of junk ever and absolutely hate the movie, thus no need for that. And, despite being a big Tarantino fan and Pulp Fiction being one of my favorites movies of all-time, I'm not too worried about that coming to blu-ray. I guess that's partly due to my not being at that point where I'm upgrading movies I already own from DVD to Bluray, especially not ones that provide no real awesome visual effects. Thus, since I obviously already own Pulp Fiction, I wouldn't buy a blu-ray. Though it would be cool for a release, just I'm not eager about it or anything. Not like the LotR or Matrix trilogies getting released, etc.

Some other cool ones would be something like Ben-Hur or Spartacus or Lawrence of Arabia (old epic movies like that). Some of the classic Hitchcock movies like Psycho or Rear Window or Vertigo, etc. The Big Lebowski would be cool, The Sting (one of my favorite movies again), Taxi Driver, Dog Day Afternoon. Any of the Disney movies, like you mentioned, Aladdin, Mulan, etc. What Dreams May Come, Suspiria, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Dick Tracy, Gettysburg, The Last Temptation of Christ and The Ten Commandments. I'm sure I could think of more, but there are some off the top of my head.

Soldierone4277d ago

While Titanic isn't great by any means, we all know its coming and the director that somehow makes money ripping off other peoples ideas will get even richer lol.

JL4277d ago

Oh it's definitely coming. I won't argue that in the slightest. And as Jordan points out in his article, the anniversary coming in a bit over a year sounds about right for the perfect time to release it (and of course exploit the event to further line Cameron's pockets).

darklordzor4276d ago

I don't know, I always kind of liked Titanic. Is it great and amazing? No. I think it got more attention than it should have, but it's still pretty decent to watch.

Sunny_D4276d ago

James Cameron's movies gross the most money out of any other movie in the industry. But, they are also the most overhyped, unworthy movies you would expect.

darklordzor4276d ago

Believe me there are so many films I want on blu-ray that aren't yet.

Oh and so you know Psycho is out on blu-ray now, so you can go pick that up.

I can't believe more of the classics haven't made it, like the ones you mentioned and Citizen Kane.

blur994276d ago

I'm really surprised those films haven't been released on Blue-ray.
Even tv shows are put on the format. Well I expect the Blue-ray upgrade soon.
And Titanic was a really good film.