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Infographic: The Many Bodies of Christian Bale

/Film writes:
Most people who talk about Christian Bale in The Fighter liken his performance to a complete transformation. /Film reader Matt Ellerbrock has created an infographic showing how Bale has transformed himself for different roles over the years.

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mathewm54143d ago

and now he has to turn 86KGs again for Batman(2012)!!!!!!!!!!

samuraiX4143d ago Show
cochise3134143d ago

I never liked him as batman, the movies are still awsome though. I always felt batman should be taller.

Sunny_D4143d ago

Apparently, last I heard he was 1 inch? shorter than Superman at 6 ft 2. So, Superman would be 6 ft 3? Now, I always thought Superman would be taller.

Sunny_D4143d ago

Now, Bale is a guy who knows how to gain and lose weight! DAMN! I hope he isn't losing weight dangerously or is beefing up on steroids. Either way, he sure go all the way for his roles.