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Home & Theater: The Fighter - Theatrical Review

David Weaver of Home And Theater writes: I don't know how or why I never got the connection to sports that everyone else in the world seems to have but for some reason I just can't get excited for random people that I do not know playing a particular game. I need some sort of connection to even be interested, I need to care beyond just caring that the person I choose to root for has won or lost. If I had even one person I knew in my personal life that was in the middle of a tense football game I would have no problem getting into that particular moment, but take that connection out and I could really give a shit. However, sports films usually give me that connection I crave for in real life. If done right I get to know the person playing the sport and have an actual reason to cheer them on or at the very least understand them. David O' Russell's The Fighter is just such a sports film which I feel does exactly that and as a result I ended up getting completely engrossed in it.

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