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Sucker Punch Bad Ass Banner & No 3D

WB has officially confirmed that Sucker Punch will not be in 3D. There were rumors that the movie will be converted to 3D but director Zack Snyder didn’t want to post convert. WB’s Clash Of The Titans was originally shot in film but was converted to 3D for the theatres. That turned out pretty bad so good job to Snyder for caring about his product. WB’s Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows was scheduled for 3D release as well but WB balked at the last minute.

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Soldierone4151d ago

No 3D? He obviously cares about the product then, so Im sold on seeing it completely now! Should be awesome!

JL4150d ago

I've always been sold on seeing it. Of course, I also had never heard of even the possibility of making it 3D in post-production. Even still, I definitely would've went to see 2D (I rarely choose 3D).

I'm very much excited for this movie though. Just a couple months away. Can't wait. In fact, the whole month of March should be awesome. Week 1= Apollo 18; and maybe The Adjustment Bureau (I'm curious about Rango too). Week 2=Battle: Los Angeles; and maybe Red Riding Hood (also curious about Mars Needs Moms). Week 3= Paul; and The Lincoln Lawyer (also curious about Limitless). Then the month is capped off with the best when Week 4= Sucker Punch!!!

bolland1234150d ago

Sucker Punch should be good. All of Snyder's movies have been entertaining so far. Still haven't seen that Owl movie though, how is that?

JL4150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

I've thoroughly enjoyed Snyder's work as well (part of the reason I'm excited for the Superman reboot). Dawn of the Dead was a real good zombie movie. 300 was a badass movie. Watchmen was a good movie as well. The visual style in all of them has been great.

I can't give you thoughts on Legend of the Guardians though (ie "that Owl movie"), as I've yet to see it. Though Netflix did just make it available on DVD today (which is what I've been waiting for), so I should get around to watching it within a couple weeks (still got a few ahead of it in my queue that I want to see first.

Sucker Punch is looking to be awesome though. It's one of my most anticipated for the year. Snyder is edging up there towards becoming one of my favorite modern directors.

Soldierone4150d ago

Wtachmens visuals were cool and all, but I hated it so much. I was so amped up for that movie, and it came out to be boring as hell....It seems to be just me that thinks this, but I wasn't happy with it and its the whole reason Ive been doubting Sucker Punch.

JL4150d ago

I'll agree with you that Watchmen wasn't what I was hoping it to be. And I didn't enjoy it as much as most seemed to. I thought it was still decent though. Wouldn't call it boring as hell.

Any shortcomings that movie experienced, I believe, were mainly due to the writing. Snyder didn't write the screenplay to that one. That and the source material. I think for his part, Snyder did a good job. Just the source material and the screenplay (due to trying to stay true to the source material) were kind of lacking.

bolland1234149d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot about Superman Reboot. That should be epic.

Dawn Of The Dead was great but I prefered the theatrical cut over the unrated version. The unrated just got too cheesy.

I think Guardians is on my Netflix Queue as well but I'm getting 2 classics tomorrow: Inception and Step Up 3D. LOL