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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Continuity AKA: Why I'm Still Pumped For This Summer's Marvel Films

The Movie Podcast writes: The Last Crusade, Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, Prisoner of Azkaban, The Two Towers; some of our most endearing films are installments. They are pieces of a larger universe and one has to wonder- without the background information, without the previous stories already told, would these specific examples stand alone as the classics we regard them as.

I bring this up because after last summer’s Iron Man 2, there seems to be a fair amount of film and comic fans a tad leery of future installments. In all honesty, I can’t wait. Marvel has taken a huge gamble with their new film franchises, and no matter how it ends- I’m fascinated by this experiment. Never before has such world-building been attempted in films. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings had very specific plot points they had to follow; but for Marvel, they can (and are) shaping their world’s stories and characters in whatever way they choose.

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Soldierone4156d ago

Marvel films are fun to watch, but Im more pumped for other films coming out this summer. Even the DC movies seem more interesting to me. Marvel has gone Hollywood blockbuster style, so they lost the story aspects and are there for visuals and explosions something I'm not a big fan of at all.

ThatMoviePodcast4156d ago

It's odd that you mention DC (I'm not really a fanboy of either- so I don't have a dog in the fight)when Green Lantern is looking (from the trailer at least) to hit a lot of the same notes that Iron Man hit: goofy main character who's a lady's man that eventually matures a bit to save the world (not that it doesn't look fun).

I just hope the continuity gambit pays off and we get something pretty epic when the dust settles

Soldierone4156d ago

The first Iron Man was watchable, but it came out when Marvel still had story. Like Incredibale Hulk, was flashy, but it had a story behind it. Green Lantern is by WB which likes story, and from the likes of it this will be a true Green Lantern story. Superman, Batman, WB movies have a good mix of story and flashy visuals. TDK has to be the best looking hero flick, but it also has one of the best stories behind it.

meanwhile Marvel is pushing out Iron Man 2, where the story was terrible and the entire movie was nothing but fights and action sequences. I was personally falling asleep watching it. I'm interested in Marvel movies (Im a HUGE Spiderman fan) I just want them to cut it out and do actual movies again.

darklordzor4155d ago

WB has a very good reputation of putting story behind their films and trying to focus on those. That's why I'm so excited for Green Lantern.

You are right though, Marvel seems to be sticking to a formula now for their movies and I'm not exactly digging it. I'm worried for Thor and Captain America, but still hopeful they can pull it off.

Crazay4155d ago

I quite liked Iron Man but suspect there's something that being done that Favreau thought looked and smelled like shit so he decided to walk away after much discussion with the powers that be only to have his suggestions fall upon deaf ears.

ThatMoviePodcast4155d ago

I wouldn't put any faith in a studio. Some blame Fox for the latest Wolverine debaucle, I choose to blame the script.

WB may have had a hand in The Dark Knight, but let's also not forget a little man named Christopher Nolan who directed and co-wrote the darned thing. It's often the talent involved that makes a movie good (regardless of the studio producing).

Heck in the past year, WB produced such franchise films including Clash of the Titans (boring for the most part) Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'hoole, and Jonah yea...really wouldn't put faith in a studio just because of a few successes.

I'm also wondering what this "formula" is for Marvel's movies since we have only seen 3 films from this universe so far. I think after this summer, we'll all have a better idea where this experiment is heading (for better or worse). I'm in favor for the scenario where I end up watching some great comic movies (fingers crossed).

blur994154d ago

I totally agree with you. This films quality rests largely on the talent that makes them. Comic book based films have been a done so much in recent times and some sadly have been poorly made. I hope the Thor and Green Lantern are pulled off well.