ThisGuyOverHere Review: Black Swan

Swan Lake is one of the most popular and frequently performed ballets of all time. It has been performed on every continent and has seen incarnations of every sort, “but not like this” director Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) claims. He chooses Nina (Natalie Portman) from the company’s roster of dancers to build into the new star of the show, casting her not only as the Swan Queen, but as the evil twin Black Swan as well. Nina’s dedication to her craft sends her into an obsession with trying to capture the perfect performance while taking Thomas’s direction to ‘lose herself’ in the role. However Nina’s sheltered upbringing by her domineering and overprotective mother (Barbara Hershey) has made Nina’s mind a fragile landscape, and soon she starts suffering from jealousy, madness, and hallucinations of physical self-destruction as she transforms into the evil Black Swan from the inside out.

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