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Tube Watch: Is NBC's "The Cape" Worth Watching?

I first saw The Cape‘s promo clip on tv many months ago, it strikes me like a Mask of Zorro + Batman Begins rip off in that the protagonist is a regular guy who takes on a secret identity to fight crime. I didn’t remember much about the series until I started hearing the radio ad campaign set in a real-life news clip about crimes being committed in Palm City, a fictional metropolis that looks like a sunny version of Gotham. NBC has really ramped up its marketing campaign, even teaming up with NYC’s Parks & Recreation Department by donning some of its monuments and statutes with black capes! Not quite as clever as The Dark Knight‘s viral I Believe in Harvey Dent campaign, but certainly as ambitious!

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JL4152d ago

I might have to check this out just to give it a shot.

Crazay4150d ago

I tried really really hard to care about this show but just couldn't do it. I may check out one episode but the idea just sounds stupid.