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7 Actors Better Off As Second Fiddle

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Is there anything wrong with being a great character actor rather than a big movie star? Absolutely not! They may not be the biggest name but they always make everything they are in a little bit better. Here are 7 who shine the brightest when they aren’t the top dogs in the show.

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JL4156d ago

Galifianakis I definitely agree with. His co-star role in Due Date, I think, was enough to show he probably can't lead a cast. John C Reilly, I'd like to see Cyrus to get a full opinion on him. I don't think he's necessary better off as second fiddle in a "can't carry a movie way". And he does great playing a co-leading role (Step Brothers). Though I will agree, I don't think he has the star power to draw a big box office on his own.

Alec Baldwin and JK Simmons I don't particularly care for. Baldwin I can't really stand half the time. Simmons is tolerable, just nothing about him every stands out for me. Cillian Murphy I think is a good actor. And I believe he could lead in indies, just doesn't have that star power to be a box office draw.

Stanley Tucci and Ed Harris are great actors, both. Very respectable. Though, yes, they've definitely made a name for themselves as supporting/character actors. I wouldn't mind seeing them in a lead though. Ed Harris is probably the more capable of the two though.

Soldierone4156d ago

Personally I don't like John C Reily acting period lol. Its harsh but its always the same guy, and its like a virus to Will Farrel because they get paired up and in the end make the same movie. While if they are separate they make something good.

Crazay4155d ago

I don't mind John C Reily but I see where you're coming from Soldier. As for Will Farrel, one could say that he's always in the same role too. Because he is. He's overrated and just not funny in the least.

Soldierone4156d ago

I agree with a majority of this list. Alec Boldwin had one movie I watched where he was the main guy, and personally i felt it was boring as heck. He is funny and what not as a side person, but too much of him gets lame.

One I don't agree with is Cillian Murphy, I think stuff he has lead has been really great and watchable. I see potential in him and I don't think he should be restricted to just side characters.

Quagmire4156d ago

Cillian Murphy was brilliant in Sunshine, and Ive admired his acting abilities in Inception and Batman. Red Eye...i didnt really like, maybe because he wasnt suited for a villain role to that degree. He did it well in Batman though, coming off as natural, professional, cool calm and collected, but he went psychotic and ballistic in red eye.

Crazay4155d ago

I like Cillian Murphy too. Sunshine is one of my favorite movies and easily his best body of work. He pulled that role off without a hitch though it could be said he works best with Alex Garland and Danny Boyle.