CyniCritics: The Best Performances of 2010

Annette Bening- The Kids Are All Right- The kids might just be all right, but Annette Bening as a modern lesbian mother seeing her family spin out of control no matter how tightly wound her controlling character may be is more than all right, she’s fantastic. Her ability to play the character with such effortlessness and ease makes the audience forget they are watching film and instead submerse themselves into the troubles, anxieties and and love that her character Nic feels as she undergoes a common, but crucial stage in life. Key Scene: Even with so many to choose from, one scene one can’t forget after watching the film is the humorous yet explosive scene of seeing her daughter come home on a motorcycle with “donor-Dad” and finally releasing her feelings about his unwanted parenting.

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JL4522d ago

I seriously think Annette Bening's performance is highly overrated. Actually, I think the movie as a whole is grossly overrated. There was nothing stand-out impressive about Bening's performance and the movie itself was just boring and pretentious.

There's absolutely NO WAY I'd put her above Christian Bale's performance either. Nor Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, James Franco or Melissa Leo.

texinfone4519d ago

By now, I have understood the main of think of this blog info.Actually,these all 7 actor are very great and they want to get best award in Hollywood.