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CutTheCrap Review: True Grit

Better than the original, but still awfully familiar.

True Grit is about a feisty teenage girl who hires an alcoholic, one-eyed marshal to help her track down the low-down, dirty sonofabitch who killed her father in cold blood. After scrounging up the necessary fee and adding a second marshal to the hunt who’s also eyeing that reward money for the said daddy killer, the unlikely trio sets off into the countryside with rifles loaded and justice on their mind.

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JL4282d ago

I'm glad somebody else is with me on this. While I enjoyed it, this movie was fairly overrated with its 9/10s and 10/10s etc. I've yet to get around to writing my review, but 7/10 is probably right where I'd put it too. Maybe 7.5/10. But it just wasn't as great as everyone claimed.