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Brian'sFilmReview: True Grit Review

All of the Coen Brothers films that I've seen have been at least near masterpieces, often hitting many different notes at the same time. They're funny and brutal and challenging at once. True Grit has a few laughs and a few moments of well choreographed violence, but it fails to challenge its audience. This is a well-told, well-directed tale, but beyond that, there's really little else of note. True Grit is a really nice slice of entertainment just as the 1969 version was as well. That one seemed to embrace its superficiality a lot more than this one, which gave it an element of charm that's lacking in the Coens' direction. I don't have a problem with the Coens doing a straightforward film every once in a while, but they're capable of greatness. I suppose it's a little disappointing when they're willing to settle for goodness.

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