Row Three's Top Ten Films of 2010

Row Three writes: As usual we’re late to the top ten list party that’s already begun to wind down around the interweb. But hey, we’re completionists around here and like to get all of the contender film viewing crammed in at the last minute (to the best of our ability). 2010 was a year of smart science fiction films (and, astonishingly, not one but two ennui-laden cloning dramas), trouble with reality (Leonardo Di Carprio gets the magnificent one-two punch, but Casey Affleck, Michael Cera and Natalie Portman all shine in their respective fever-dreams) and while the vampire thing has gotten pretty lame with more sparkle and the perfectly fine if thoroughly unnecessary remake of an instant classic, along comes a vampire road movie with wit, balls and complete lack of pretense to show us that genre films can still be fun and smart and beautiful. 2010 was also the year when hyped films lived up to expectations and the Hollywood machine worked. We still have plenty of indie and festival films scattered throughout our lists, but for once most of the big Hollywood hype films didn’t disappoint and that’s definitely reflected in our lists.

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JL4147d ago

Some very interesting choices. Some that I'd absolutely disagree with, but to each their own. What I do like is the variety here. Not seeing those same Top 10 that everybody and their momma seems to be picking (which half of I think are overrated).