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FilmMattic Review: Animal Kingdom

A little known gem in the world of mainstream cinema, Animal Kingdom is a fascinating examination of the Australian criminal underworld. Attached is FilmMattic's comprehensive spoiler rich review of the film. Additionally, he has included a twitter style spoiler free review.

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JL4148d ago

This one is actually on my need-to-see list. So I won't be reading your full review, just so I don't spoil anything. It definitely sounds intriguing, though. I'm glad to see Guy in a main role. Being a Nolan fan, and Memento being one of my favorite movies of all-time, it's probably no surprise that I like Guy Pearce. And I haven't seen him in anything in a while. At least not a good leading role. I've also heard Jacki Weaver does a great job in here.

filmmattic4148d ago


By gaining some insight into your keen film sensibility, I can be a little presumptuous and say that you will thoroughly ENJOY this film.

I am also a staunch Guy Pearce fan. Memento and The Count of Monte Cristo are just two examples of some of my favorite Pearce character portrayals. It is kind of eerie and funny, but I had the same thought about not seeing Guy in a lot of films lately (of course until I watched Animal Kingdom). I am not sure if his absence is just a result of being extremely tactful and cautious about which roles he selects or my own failure to expand my movie going habits. I am going to IMDB Pearce right now and see what I can find as I love his acting approach.

JL4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

I think I'll enjoy it too.

And Pearce has been in several things. Hasn't been in a starring role in a while, though, I don't think. Recently, I know he made appearances in The Hurt Locker and The Road. And he was also in Bedtime Stories (a questionable selection for him--not sure what that was about). The Road was the most recent thing I remember seeing him in.

He played a role in Fragments. It was watchable I guess, nothing I'd recommend really, though. And he was in Traitor with Don Cheadle (a great under-appreciated actor).

The last two movies I saw him really play lead in though were First Snow and The Proposition. Those were both several years ago. First Snow is a thriller that was pretty enjoyable. Not the greatest, but I enjoyed it. However, if I'm going to recommend one to you, knowing your fondness for westerns, you absolutely need to check out The Proposition. It's an Australian western, but one of the better westerns I've seen in recent years. Almost up there with the 3:10 to Yuma remake for me. If you haven't already, do check that one out.

filmmattic4148d ago

Thanks for the rundown. I will have to take up your recommendation and check out The Proposition. As you suspect, my undying enthusiasm regarding westerns will likely cause me to appreciate that film.

Your dead on about Don Cheadle. When it comes to listing the formidable actors of our day, Cheadle's name is often overlooked. Hotel Rwanda was riveting cinema and his performance in Crash was also stellar. And how can you not be endeared to his character Basher in the Ocean's movies.

JL4148d ago

Indeed all of those are fine performances. I pretty much like Cheadle in everything he does. His role of Basher in the Ocean's movies was just awesome. I loved him comedic relief in those movies as well.

It's funny looking back and thinking that "Ice Tray" from 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' went on to be such a great actor.

filmmattic4148d ago

Yeah I remember Don Cheadle's role as 'Ice Tray' in "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Thankfully, Cheadle was only featured early in the first season (I think he was smitten by Hilary if my memory serves me well) because it would be a crime for movie goers if such a great acting talent had to endure a career of similarly trivial characters—if Cheadle was a regular cast member, we are all aware of the destructive nature of type-casting. There would be no Basher or Rusesabagina, only Ice Tray. Cheadle can definitely boast about playing characters with funky names...who can forget Buck Swope in Boogie Nights.