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Nolan The Magnificent - An Attempt to Explain Why Inception is Possibly the Best Movie of 2010.

There is something else going on with Inception, though. A quality that many movies lack in this century’s “sequelitis” affliction (yes, Nolan’s Batman films are technically sequels…but they just have a distinct originality that seems to seperate them). Inception is amazing because it is not only designed to entertain audiences, but to also affect their minds – just like magic. Nolan is a master at leaving the audience with a lasting impression; a methodically layered series of thoughts that seem to stay with us long after the final credits roll.


Because Christopher Nolan is a "magician."

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DempseySanders3912d ago

great post. Christopher Nolan can do no wrong in my eyes lately, I always enjoy his movies, and Inception is exceptional

JL3911d ago

Lately? He's never done any wrong in my eyes ever. The guy is awesome. He's yet to make a bad movie. He's my favorite modern director. And Inception was movie of the year.

Crazay3911d ago

I have to agree that Chris Nolan is something of a rare item in Hollywood and easily one of the best film makers ever.

Soldierone3910d ago

I totally agree. With the First Batman I was eery that he would go off on the wrong route, but he never once made something I wouldn't want to see twice. inception is just proof of him improving on already great movies.

Leio3911d ago

I like the way his movies ends always with a big surprise :D

Sunny_D3910d ago

That is true, even his Batman movies have a surprise.

Tikicobra3910d ago

Don't you mean INCEPTIONAL?

Actually, I was somewhat disappointed with the film. Don't get me wrong, it was a great film, but perhaps I was just expecting too much. There weren't as many insane special effects as I had hoped for, and I expected the film to take place in a city environment, rather than swapping between beaches and the arctic and whatnot.

All in all, it was not what I expected. But it was still great.

htownrocket873910d ago

If you know Chris Nolan then you know he hates special effects and tries to use them only when there is no other choice. I see no wrong doing in swapping environments because as the group enters other ppl's minds, more than likely they are not going to think of the same old city...too easy and linear.

Sunny_D3910d ago

I agree with you, it was good, but not the best thing since sliced bread.

filmmattic3910d ago


Thanks for the superb examination of Nolan's flourishing film career. I have to admit that I have been an ardent Nolan fan since his early foray in the industry with his narrative masterpiece, Memento. It was one of those early revelatory moments that quickly sparked my love for movies. Likening his career to that of a 'magician' was enlightening and I have to give you credit for providing such a compelling read. I enjoyed Inception for many of the same reasons you articulated—a beautiful marriage of visually engrossing cinema and an intellectually premised bend.

Soldierone3910d ago

He really focuses on story and the overall quality of films live off this and thats why his movies are so fantastic to me. I can't get enough of InCeption at all!

Sunny_D3910d ago

To tell you the truth, I think Inception was overrated. I didn't really find it mind blowing as many people were saying it was. I enjoy his other movies, don't get me wrong, but Inception was good, but not AMAZINGLY GOOD!

Soldierone3910d ago

Im a fan of the script. It has a ton of twists to it, that it leaves the viewer making their own story about the movie. He could be dreaming, he oculd be in her dream, he could be going deeper, etc... Its open to the viewer and its extremely hard to write a script like this.

Quagmire3910d ago

I have a feeling Nolan will slip up with the next Batman film. I mean really, The Dark Knight Rises, as a title? Also the confirmation of No Riddler yet hints to a Killer Croc? The definite statement of Two-Face's sound death. And also the new love interest who is hinted to play Catwoman too? Too many villains can ruin a film (see Spider-Man 3).

Im hoping with all my might that TDKR will be brilliant, but Im sure everyone knows that it is almost impossible to be better than Inception, considering it was the BEST film, so tell me how one can simply perfect perfection?

JL3909d ago

I'm not entirely convince Nolan can do any wrong anymore. lol Obviously that's an exaggeration, but I think we're a ways from seeing that. And I don't think he'll ever make a horrible film. I don't ever foresee a Shyamalan type of fall either.

Couple things to note here: I would almost bet the bank that the title came as a "strong suggestion" from the studio. After the success of 'The Dark Knight' they would want something that plays off that name for name-recognition sake when it hits theaters and they begin their marketing campaign.

As for the casting rumors and confirmation. I'd hardly base judgment on the film due to rumors. Yes, he's confirmed there's no Riddler. I think that's about it though. It seems every week there are new rumors surrounding this movie. That's just the nature of it because people so desperately want information about the movie, but Nolan plays things so close to the vest. Hell even today there have been two contradictory rumors to hit the net about this movie. So yea, don't listen to them. If anything seems more likely, it's the constant mention of Talia to be the love interest in Rises, not Catwoman.