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Top DVD/Blu-ray Sales and Rentals for the Week Ending January 2, 2011

Again, the numbers are in as Rentrak has announced the top-selling and most rented movies for last week. This includes data for the week ending January 2, 2011. This week, the video game based movie Resident Evil: Afterlife makes its debut on DVD and Blu-ray and unseats Despicable Me as the best selling DVD out. Despicable Me doesn’t fall far though, landing at #2. Also of note, Resident Evil is the only new release that breaks the top 10 for sales. Granted there wasn’t much released in the final week of 2010. However, the George Clooney thriller The American did release along with Resident Evil but appears not to have fared too well.

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Soldierone4150d ago

Did anyone here hate Resident Evil? I liked it and really enjoyed it in theaters. Then it went to DVD and everyone seems to hate it, I dont know why.

Ive yet to watch it, so does anyone know if they fixed the daylight flaw? It was dark and night time in one scene when they are on the roof, then suddenly out of no where its bright and sunny for like two or three shots. Its ticked me off so bad.

DempseySanders4150d ago

I loved it, have not watched it on DVD yet, but thought it was really cool in theatres. Have to admit I did not notice the day/night time flaw

Soldierone4150d ago

I wonder if they resent fixed copies of it then. It was so obvious in my theater because I was like WTF, then my GF was like "you saw that" and people around us started talking about it.

Only reason it annoyed me was because people get paid thousands of dollars to watch everything and ensure that don't happen.

JL4150d ago

I've yet to see it as I'll probably wait until Netflix has it and get it through there. Not really sure I'm so excited about it that I'm going to end up buying it. Then again, I do have all the other movies in the series. I've actually enjoyed the franchise. However, I've not seen Afterlife.

Soldierone4149d ago

Its pretty good. Its a little lacking because it was all about 3D, but overall its a pretty fun film to watch. Extinction still tops it by a lot, but they did a good job of tying in video game aspects into the story.

I honestly think the next one in the franchise will be all differnt and more video game based.