AM’s Guide To The Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

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Another year of movies has come to pass with great and not so great movies now in the history books. Movie lovers have a lot to look forward to in 2011 with a wide variety of promising releases set to come out. Certainly, the bombastic action flick will be coming back with a bang while a lot of big name franchise are either looking to establish themselves or continue to dominate the box office. With that said, let us take a ridiculously comprehensive look at some of the most anticipated movies of 2011.

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Crazay4274d ago

Great well rounded guide here. Some good information about lesser known movies (for me at least)that might otherwise have fallen off the radar - Sign me up for Sucker Punch, Battle LA, Thor, Pirates, X-Men, Super 8, Green Lantern, Transformers, Captain America

The Hangover will no doubt make a shit-tonne of dough but I can't say that I really enjoyed the original. I LOVED Hot Tub Time Machine and ranked that far higher than The Hangover.

Until I saw Wall-e, I thought Cars was the worst outting from Pixar forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm for this one.

I'm still not sold on Cowboys vs. Aliens but I suspect I'll enjoy it.

Conan worries me - I know I should be open to someone else taking on the role of the biggest baddest guy to wield a sword but I'm not feeling that Jason Momoa can pull it off.

Contagion is one of the rare titles that I'm fairly certain I'm going to love. Anything that involves the kind of story that has the very real possibility of happening is far more frightening to me than anything else Hollywood puts out.

I didn't like Sherlock Holmes that much the 1st time around but I loved RDJ so I'll likely wait for this one to hit Netflix

JL4274d ago

Sucker Punch DEFINITELY sign me up for. Battle LA, Pirates, X-Men, Transformers and Super 8. The other superhero movies, I'm just not that excited for. Actually, I wanna see the Rainn Wilson one called Super as well.

The Hangover 2 I'm definitely wanting to see. I thought the first was hilarious. Hot Tub Time Machine was amusing at parts, overall though I didn't enjoy that one greatly or anything. Definitely like Hangover better.

I hear that all the time about Cars. I'm still not sure why people didn't like that one so much. It was one of my favorite Pixar movies, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Cars 2. As for Wall-E I enjoyed that one as well. It wasn't great or anything, but enjoyable. And very pretty to look at.

Cowboys and Aliens gives me a Indiana Jones meets Men in Black vibe. Sign me up.

Conan, never was a fan of the original (maybe just cause I despise Schwarzenegger?), so I'm not excited for the remake either.

Contagion I definitely want to see as well. I agree, some of those more realistic movies like that can be the most frightening. On top of that Contagion teams Damon back up with the Bourne Ultimatum writer and with Soderbergh.

Sherlock Holmes I really enjoyed the first one. I thought it was a fun movie. And being a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes books it really appealed to me. Especially because they more accurately portrayed Holmes better than I've ever seen a movie do. I'll be right there for part 2.