Star Wars Blu-ray Release Date in September; Pre-Order Now at Amazon

TheHDRoom: Today LucasFilm took the wraps off Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray Disc at CES with a couple surprises none of us expected.

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darklordzor4151d ago

Woooo! I can't wait. I'm also very shocked at how much cheaper they are on Amazon already. $89 compared to $139 is great! I'm glad I won't have to wait all the way until the holidays for this one. Pre-ordering as I type!

Soldierone4151d ago

I will be picking these up for sure! Im a huge Star Wars fan!

DempseySanders4150d ago

Glad they are finally doing the complete saga, can't wait to finally have it.

devilhunterx4150d ago

Lucas Films are the Capcom of the movie world

Crazay4150d ago

Wow! I'm more than a little surprised by the positive comments here. I can't wait for this boxset but I can't help but wonder is if the original 3 movies will be the original cuts or the re-release cuts. I'd love it if I could have both versions of the movies. Either way, I'm all over this like a nerd on a porn mag.

darklordzor4150d ago

I'm guessing they won't be the original cuts. It probably would have been mentioned in the press release if that were the case. Lucas has already stated he thinks of the newer versions as the definitive ones.

Besides if they put both versions on there it would take more time. They'd have to upconvert not only the Special Editions, but also the original cuts. I doubt they'd take the time to do both when Lucas only considers one version to be the best.

Crazay4150d ago

That sucks big time. I'd love to revisit the originals in their original form with my daughter when she's a little older. DOn't get me wrong I really liked the recuts with the extra footage but there's a special place in my heart for what I watched as a kid.

darklordzor4150d ago

Well you could always watch them on the DVDs. They released them in the original cut on that format.

Soldierone4150d ago

I still have the original films on VHS lol. They are super cheesy, but I like it a lot better than having forced special effects and what not.

Crazay4148d ago

I have the original cuts somewhere on VHS too but the VCR has met it's final resting place!

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