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Film's Winners And Losers Of 2010

Another year passes and with it goes another year of movies for us to remember and hopefully some for us to forget. Blockbusters were forged, masterpieces were discovered and stars continued to roll in the dough. 2011 is upon us now and the past is soon to be ancient history along with the movies of last year. Before we say goodbye to 2010, it’s time to honor its importance in film with a list of the winners and losers that this year presented to us. Let the awards begin!

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avroth164286d ago

Amazing article. I really enjoy to see others opinions and this was a very intriguing list.

RaymondM4286d ago

seriously, bravo on having a well formulated opinion. Although you were harsh on certain points (aniston and being cheated on) you made valid arguments and I agreed with most of what you said