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Kid Actors: Then And Now

Ever wondered what happened to the child actors that starred in memorable movies? People might say that Hollywood is bad for kids (Lindsay Lohan is the best example), but the list below shows that not all of them turn out to be failures. Some actors have become more successful as they got older while some left the entertainment scene and lived regular lives

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Soldierone4155d ago

Levitt is like the only one that is still pretty big lol. Its so suprising how some of the others still looks almost identical to when they were kids haha, then others are all tattood up and what not.

blur994155d ago

Child stars have a tough time after their child acting days are over. Here's hoping that all of them end up well and have good people around them especially their parents.

Soldierone4155d ago

Do you think its after? Or during? Disney for example pushes all their child stars to the limits. They end up doing drugs or something because of all the stress.

It seems like a lot of the ones on this list stepped away from it all on purpose.

DempseySanders4155d ago

The main child star I remember as a kid myself is Fred Savage from the Wonder Years, he used to be in everything at one stage, though seen him briefly as an adult in Austin Powers as a mole,and his show Working, but now don't really hear from him.

Sunny_D4151d ago

Woah, what happened to Lipnicki? He still looks like a kid trapped in Man's body???