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Quentin's Favorite Movies of 2010

The Quentin Tarantino Archives:
The Quentin Tarantino Archives is turning 10 years, here’s another list from the man, which we are happy to reproduce for your reading pleasure. Here are Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Movies of 2010:

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darklordzor3914d ago

If only I actually cared what Tarantino thought...

Crazay3914d ago

LOL - I was about to say who really gives a flying f..k about what Tarantino thinks? He's made less than stellar movies for year now. He peaked with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp fiction. Everything else is just garbage so as far as I'm concerned he can take his opinion and stick it.

JL3914d ago

Everything he's done but Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction is garbage? Really? I loved Kill Bill. And I thought Inglorious Basterds was a real good movie. I also like Four Rooms (though he only directed one of the rooms). Death Proof I enjoyed as well in that b-movie sort of way.

Ultimately, I've enjoyed everything he's directed. Granted Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are my favorites, but I don't at all think the rest is garbage.

Crazay3913d ago

Oh JL - I thought you and I had a good movie thing going pal. Inglorious Basterds was a huge disappointment for me. I expected so much more and felt kinda ripped off at the end of the day. Kill Bill was total crap. I don't see what he sees in Uma Thurman but he's gotta get away from casting her in movies. Kill Bill was turned off within 10 minutes in my house because I was so insanely annoyed by it. Death Proof was OK - but it still failed to deliver anything other than some half decent skitch acting and effects. I found Planet Terror to be a far superior movie in every aspect.

and why the hell can't I reply directly to your comment JL?

JL3913d ago

lol Oh well, Crazay. All tastes/preferences must diverge somewhere. We all have those things that, for whatever reason, appeal to us. Thus, we're all entitled to our opinion. No matter how similar two people are in taste for movies, there's going to be some area they disagree. I guess Quentin seems to be our dividing wall lol

I'm sure we'll find plenty more common ground in the future though :)

Oh, and why you can't direct reply to my comment? Because it's too deep in. The comment system only goes 3 branches deep. Dark made the first comment. You replied to his making a 2nd tier. I replied to yours making a 3rd tier. And that 3rd tier is where it's set to stop. They did it that way just so things don't get out of hand with a million different indented tiers of replies (mostly due to the way they like to comment on N4G).

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Soldierone3914d ago

Somewhat predicable, but good list none the less. I would put Tangled as my number one favorite of the year, followed by Inception in second.

Crazay3914d ago

Tangled above Inception? Really?!? Kudos to you for taking that stance man but I'd put a direct to video Lindsay Lohan comeback movie ahead of anything form of musical movie.

Soldierone3913d ago

Its not a musical movie, I hate those. Its Disney showing off they can still do what made them Disney and thats why i love it. It had the entire Disney formula in it and had that magic feel to it. Something Disney hasn't done in years.

Crazay3913d ago

I've been told by so many people that it was a musical. One of my friends who loves Disney said it wasn't too dissimilar to the style of Beauty and the Beast so that immediately soured me on the idea of watching that.

JL3913d ago

Maybe not your traditional full-out musical, but pretty much all Disney movies essentially are musicals. Or at least in the very same ballpark. They're pretty much the only "musicals" I like.

Soldierone3913d ago

Trust me I hate musicals with a passion lol. A lot of older Disney movies get annoying because of it, but this is one of those Disney movies that did it perfectly. Yes there is singing, and the beginning had me thinking "oh god not this" but it stops. The singing adds to that feeling of Disney and it doesn't really bug you at all.

I guess you just have to be interested in that style of film.

JL3913d ago

lol I was never bothered by the Disney style of musicals. Hell, I can remember as a kid sitting there singing along with Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin or Lion King or The Jungle Book or Mulan...and so on and so on. I'm with you though, full-out musicals I absolutely hate. Most everybody I know loves Grease, I deplore that movie.

Sweeney Todd I liked and Chicago was bearable, but other than that I can't stand them.

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