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When most people think of The Green Hornet, they think of the 1960′s television show which introduced America to Bruce Lee, but this film goes back well past the TV show and now Seth Rogen is re-introducing the characters to the masses. Written by and starring Rogen (Knocked Up, Pineapple Express), the film gets a new flare yet still has that classic camp to it.

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Sunny_D4290d ago

Meh, knew it would be average. Bruce Lee, I believed was the Green Hornet one time in his career.

Crazay4290d ago

Brue Lee was Kato at one time

Soldierone4290d ago

Its Seth Rogan so I'll be seeing it anyways lol. There really isn't a lot of good movies coming out for a few months anyways. Its the slow time of the year.

JL4290d ago

I like Seth Rogan well enough. Not a huge fan, but he's good enough. However, the movie looks stupid from everything I've seen and I have no interest.

The part I have to take complaint with is the "isn't a lot of good movies coming out for a few months" part.

Granted January is a bit slow, but we're still getting a couple that might be ok. Or at least better than Green Hornet in my opinion. Season of the Witch could be cool. The Dilemma might be funny. And the more I've seen of The Mechanic, the more I wouldn't mind seeing that. Looks like it could be a pretty fun movie. Plus The Company Men could be good and I really want to see Ip Man 2. However, those last two will probably have limited releases, so not sure I'll get to see them released here around me.

Moving to February you have a few more good ones. Unknown I definitely want to see. Looking like it has the Taken vibe to it with Liam Neeson in Unknown too. Hall Pass could be funny. And Drive Angry could be an entertaining action flick. Then of course you have Sanctum which look like it could be interesting. And despite them using Cameron's name to promote the movie, he neither wrote nor directed it. That's a good thing in my book; he sucks in those two roles. Instead he just produced Sanctum; which is the role I feel he should stick to. Also, Shelter might prove worth a watch. It's from the writer of Identity and I liked that movie.

Then March has a few good ones I want to see as well. Sucker Punch being the biggest one. And Paul being up there too. Then you have Battle: Los Angeles, The Lincoln Lawyer, Apollo 18, The Adjustment Bureau looks like it could be good maybe, Limitless might be good. And I have to say The Beaver intrigues me in a "I have to stare at the car wreck" kind of way. Though that only gets a limited release in March with expansion in April.

So yea, I think all the way up till mid-April there's at least one movie coming out each week that I want to see.

Soldierone4290d ago

I have interest in a couple of those films, like Unknown, but its not like anything I am excited for. I am pretty sure I'll see most of those with the GF at some point, but I am saying there isn't anything thats like "I want to see that badly!" coming out. At least for me.

I mean compare the next two months with post April-May movies. You suddenly hit Scream 4 and its one hopeful AAA movie after another non-stop. Granted its the Blockbuster months, but right through the end of the year there are interesting films. I miss when Cloverfield released in Feb, I want more of that.

JL4289d ago

Granted yes, your "blockbusters" are hitting in the blockbusters months, and some of the ones I've named I'm not all badly needing to see them. But still plenty that I definitely want to see in the next few months. Even more so than those "most anticipated blockbusters".

Maybe I'm burned out on the genre, but half of these superhero movies I'm not really excited for. And Scream 4 I have no desire to see whatsoever really (maybe I'll check it out when it comes to DVD/BD).

Movies I'm actually excited for: Sucker Punch is probably in my Top 5 for the entire year. I'm easily looking forward to that more so than I am 90% of those superhero movies. Apollo 18 I'm genuinely excited for as well. I just have a feeling we might be getting another treat a la Paranormal Activity with that one. And Unknown definitely has me intrigued. Like I said, it's got that Taken vibe for me and I loved that.

Two that could have me excited for by then The Lincoln Lawyer. I'll have to see more, but if we're finally getting Matthew McConaughey the real actor back, I want to see that. Not McConaughey the heartthrob eyecandy for the ladies. Also, I'll have to see more, but Battle: Los Angeles could be good and if I see enough to show it is good, I'll be excited for that one.

Soldierone4289d ago

Well its not all Superhero movies im interested in. Some of them I could care less about. Like Thor, was interested till I saw the trailer. But ones like Captain America, Green Lantern, etc...those should be cool.

I am interested in other films like Little Red Riding Hood, Waiting Forever looks like a good date movie, Sucker Punch I am EXTREMELY interested in, Fast and Furious...etc...Its just a variety of things Im interested in, of course anything Disney puts out will have my eye on it too.

JL4288d ago

Oh I wasn't implying you were interested in all the superhero movies. Or even implying that you were interested in only superhero movies. I was just saying those are the biggest ones people are hyped for, and personally I could care less. With the exception of X-Men, I'm not really all too excited about any of them. And Transformers I guess is a guilty pleasure. Even Captain America and Green Lantern haven't shown me anything yet to get me excited.

Little Red Riding Hood I haven't seen anything that interests me there. Have no idea what Waiting Forever is. Fast and the Furious I am excited for too. And mentioning Disney (which would include Pixar), I'm kind of excited to see Cars 2.

There's plenty throughout the year I'm excited in. My initial point was just that there were several in the first quarter that I'm excited about as well.

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Crazay4290d ago

I have 0 interest in the Green Hornet. Am i wrong when I recall the original series to be more serious than this? I like Seth. He's hilarious but this just looks dumb.

Sadly it looks like Apollo 18 was pushed later in the year. I saw the report about that not too long ago.

JL4289d ago

Damn you're right. BoxOffice still has it listed for March. But, Dimension said today it's only been delayed to April 22. So that's not so bad. Though the way they describe it, it sounds like it could possibly get delayed again when we get a bit closer to that.

As for Green Hornet, I'm not sure about "serious", but I don't think it was as intentionally comedic. Rather it was campy.

Crazay4289d ago

Campy may be a better description. It's been ages since I've seen any of those old episodes (not that I'm that old). If I were to get some free tickets to see Hornet, I'll go but it's not a movie I'll be paying to see.

Soldierone4290d ago

I just got free tickets to a pre screening of it next week. If I get in ill be sure to let you guys know what I thought of it.

ThatMoviePodcast4286d ago

Saw it already. 7/10 seems about right. Honestly, I have a hard time fully figuring out whether or not I liked this film. There were some genuinley funny moments and some of the action scenes were filmed in a very exciting/kinetic way. However, there were serveral scenes and choices in the plotting that really befuddled me and left me scratching my head. Still to be surprised by any film these days...