Will Monsters Inc. 2 Be A Prequel?

You’re in here to learn iron clad news about Monsters Inc. 2, but you need to know right away that information like this does not yet exist. However, a site across the pond in France has spit some rhymes about Pixar’s next sequel.

The big rumor comes from French site Disney Central Plaza who has it that Monsters Inc. 2 won’t be a sequel at all, but a prequel.

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Soldierone3555d ago

I could see it working in this instance. There wasn't a whole lot to work with at the end of Monster Inc. The only thing they could do in that regards is have an enemy or rival power company. Maybe bad guy monsters scaring children.

Sunny_D3555d ago

Maybe it could be Boo all grown up and forgetting about the monsters that lived in her closet. But, her own kids become the new characters for the movies.

Soldierone3555d ago

Was thinking that too, but its too common of a theme in my opinion. Might as well call it Toy Story 3 lol.