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Batman 3 Locations Will Be Los Angeles, the U.K. and a Third City

Rumors regarding the shooting locations for Christopher Nolan’s followup to The Dark Knight have run rampant for the last six months. Last August, the internet came alive with rumors that the project could shoot in New Orleans, and then in October, reported that not only would filming on Batman 3 commence in April 2011, but the film’s location would indeed be New Orleans. Local and national publications ran with the news.

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Sunny_D4283d ago

I hope it means it's still set in Gotham. How often does Batman go outside of Gotham? Unless he's in the Justice League, he should just stay in Gotham.

JL4283d ago

Well he did go to Japan or Hong Kong or whatever it was in Dark Knight. Plus Batman Begins had parts in other places.

I'm sure Gotham will still be the main setting, but no reason there can't be additional secondary locations in the movie.

Soldierone4283d ago

I'm pretty sure Gotham was thrown out the window for the movies. in comics he never left Gotham, and the cartoons did it fine. But this is hollywood.