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James Franco Planning to Direct Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy Classics

Actor James Franco–headed to an Oscar nomination for “127 Hours” and getting ready to co-host the Academy Awards in February–is planning two big directing efforts.
Franco is in talks to direct William Faulkner‘s literary classic, “As I Lay Dying,” from his own screenplay.

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JL4288d ago

Franco is a beast. And he's very talented. How he manages to keep all this up, I have no idea. And I thought I was a busy person lol. I just really hope he doesn't end up burning himself out early.

Soldierone4286d ago

I am personally excited to see what he has to offer with all of this. He has tons of talent and knows what he is doing. The first few things may be bland, but I honestly think his future stuff will be masterpeices.

We could be looking at a future Speilberg here.

JL4286d ago

I agree that I do think he's very talented. It will indeed be interesting to see what work comes from him.