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Producers Guild Nominates Predictable Blockbusters For Its Awards

The Producers Guild of America, just one of the many guilds that hands out awards as a run-up to the Oscars, has named their ten nominees for the "Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures," which is basically their picks for Best Picture. The producers are typically a somewhat reliable predictor of Oscar nominees, though they tend to embrace blockbusters and big movies a little more frequently; as a result, the list includes the year's highest grossing film (Toy Story 3) and the fifth-highest (Inception), as well as a modest hit with limited Oscar prospects (The Town).

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JL4157d ago

Yep, pretty predictable list here. Checking off all the same movies everybody else is picking.

I still have no idea what people see in The Kids Are All Right. I finally watched that the other day (after so much talk) and quite frankly the movie sucked. Worst movie of the year? Not at all. But it was mediocre at best. I even think Annette Benning's performance is being overrated. It wasn't really anything special. The movie itself was boring as hell, pretentious as all get out, and Mark Ruffalo was the only saving grace to it.

Soldierone4157d ago

I honestly didn't know how much hate was revolving around Inception until I purchased it on Blu-ray. I mean I get it and right off the bat I have like 3 or 4 people tell me how they didn't like it. I watched it again and I loved it again, its like the only movie where I WANT to watch it again just to get a better understanding of it all. Such a creative film I truly want to know how he wrote it.

Also the Town is becoming a suprise to me. I was thinking "oh hey another action flick who cares" turns out to be one baadass movie lol.

JL4157d ago

Hey, good to see you back. And yea, Inception is just flat out awesome. It's what I gave my Best Film of 2010 to. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Nolan pretty much perfected the Hollywood action-blockbuster with that movie, in a sense.

And yes, The Town was surprising good. Not on the level of Inception or Black Swan or anything, but real good and a badass movie indeed lol. I too thought "great another generic action movie...from Ben Affleck no less, starring Ben Affleck, written by Ben Affleck" lol But I was surprisingly entertained by it. Stands out in my Top 10 of the year.