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Disney Announces a Whole Slew of 3D Blu-Ray Releases

Kicking the year off, Disney is sticking by their 3D guns and have announced via press release several new titles for their 3D Blu-ray line in 2011.

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darklordzor4162d ago

I'm just happy that I'll finally get Lion King on Blu-ray, and can share it with my son. Seriously, feels like I've been waiting on that one for a long time...and still no word on Aladdin.

neo8814162d ago

I could see Lion King could be cool to watch in 3D the Stampede and the intro would be amazing to watch imo.

Sunny_D4161d ago

I'll get a lot of Disney classics on Blu ray. I just wish I had a 3d tv.

JL4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

This is cool. And I agree, let's get Aladdin. Though I don't own a 3D TV yet (but I can at least enjoy the hi-def part). Then Mulan and The Jungle Book.

darklordzor4162d ago

I honestly don't think I'll ever get a 3D TV. I just don't care for 3D and I'm hoping it'll go away at some point. I'm sure I'll have to break down and get one eventually, but I'm holding off.

Soldierone4162d ago

Same here. Its still early technology it still has to be worked out. Disney animated films are the only thing actually impressing me, everything else is failing to do so.

Some games like Killzone are neat, but not worth spending another grand on a TV neat. Ill be happy with HD until i see something truly amazing.

JL4162d ago

I'm definitely holding off too. I don't guess I really care for it to go away. What I do want though is for them to finally get it done without glasses. I just refuse to sit around wearing glasses to watch movies. Not gonna happen.

So, get glasses-less 3D sorted out and working good and then get that price way down. Then, maybe I'll consider it. Till then, yea, I'm right there with you: I don't care for it. I would like to try games in 3D, I bet that would look cool. But I'm sure that novelty would wear off quick too and that inconvenience of glasses just takes away all advantage again.

3D isn't going anywhere though. Not this time. Way back in the day it faded out because they just couldn't pull it off properly. Now they can. And it's a huge money-maker for them. And they have it fairly well embedded into the market and even making it's way into the home entertainment market. It's here to stay this time.

Soldierone4162d ago

I personally don't think they "can" just yet. Live action films still struggle to do anything with 3D at all. Unless they go out of their way to throw something at the screen, then you wont notice anything.

I think in order for it to be succesful. 3D will need one more revamp. No glasses at home or in the theater, ticket price adjustments (i spent 30 bucks just for two tickets to a matinee movie....) and a few other things. The sad thing is they will milk our wallet before advancing. When ticket sales and 3D tv sales slump then suddenly "oh hey look you dont need glasses! Come watch the first crappy wave of movies using it!"

JL4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Oh yea, I don't think they can just yet either. I know Sony and others are working on TVs that work without glasses. But they're still a good ways off. Then actually pulling it off in film too will be another thing.

I think that stuff is still several years off in the future. But like I said, I won't consider making the jump until they do that. Till then I'm just fine with 2D in hi-def.

Soldierone4162d ago

Its exactly what I'm doing. I'm glad this side of things are a bit more mature than N4G lol. While I still get "hate" for getting into subjects at times here, its not that bad. At N4G I said the exact same thing and a dude called me all kinds of names about how its stupid to wait and you should get it now.

The technology isn't there. Anyone with common sense knowledge will know this. If you have the money to get one then get one, just expect to be buying a second one a couple years down the road. I won't be suprised if current 3D technology isn't compatible with future ones as they take away the glasses.

JL4162d ago

lol Yea, this is much more tame than N4G. I don't think there's ever any "hate" here. Maybe more like "friendly debate" or "constructive criticism", something along those lines. Definitely a more mature discussion of subjects.

But yea, I don't think the technology is really ready yet. And in a few years, it's only going to change up again as they're working to go glasses-less. For those that want to jump in, more power to them. I have nothing against it. I'm just not one of those. Especially with those prices. I'm perfectly content with my HDTV right now.

Also, I can't even fathom how they could make current 3D TVs compatible when glasses-less ones come along. I just don't see how the former could possibly transition into the latter. I see no other choice but for the current to become obsolete when glasses-less takes over.

Soldierone4161d ago

And what happen today! Sony announces a glassless 3D tv to be released at the end of this year. I love it when im right haha

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Soldierone4162d ago

The cool thing is Disney actually figured out how to make animated films in 3D. Go see Tangled in 3D its like the best 3D experience Ive had. It adds tons of depth to the screen and a lot of stuff pop out or float infront of you perfectly. It puts Avatar and other 3D films to shame.

I think they still need to work on live action stuff though. Tron didn't work for me except for one part where something shoots at you, the rest could be done without. Avatar was lame, has the same issues. etc...Resident Evil 3D got there at some points but the quality of the film decreased because of it.

Crazay4162d ago

I suppose I'll catch some flak for this but I really don't like Disney movies from the era of The Lion King etc. Give me a Pixar movie (except Wall-e and Cars)any day of the week before those others.

As for 3D TVs, I love em and my wife asked for one for her Birthday in April. There are some glases-less 3D TVs coming soonish andven one hitting the market sooner than you think (memory serves it's due out this month) but they're ugly ass screens and quite thick.