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Daft Punk and the Tron Legacy

Nerd Society writes: This relatively tame opening weekend (in comparison to Harry Potter’s opening – okay, I get it) has people worried and looking to the overseas market. I, personally, have a feeling Tron will also recoup in other ways like merchandising and DVD sales so I’m not particularly concerned. What everyone seems to agree on, however, is that the movie’s score – created by the French electronica duo Daft Punk – is definitely one of the best parts of the movie.

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Soldierone4157d ago

I honestly thought Daft Punk (while I like them) was going to ruin this movie. It made the trailers seem bland, and I thought that was going to carry to the movies. However its not the case, they did indeed showcase their talents in this film and made some tremendous tracks. I was impressed, and after the first hour of the film it was the only thing keeping me awake.

bolland1234157d ago

The music definitely made it better since the script lacked emotion.

Soldierone4157d ago

I don't know if it was emotion. It has a lot of issues though. Near the middle it couldn't build up anything, and random stuff just started happening. The emotion issue arises when the girl is nearly dying, yet no one cares. He simply says "well she will be fine" then she just lays there, why not have the main character cry over her or something?

Then its like non stop talking Was waiting for a talking scene to end for like 20 minutes. You dont need to explain everything like that its just annoying and lame.