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TheMovie411: Friends Together Again?

Ever since the Sex and the City movie was released, cast, production team and fans of the still most watched popular TV show in history, Friends, wondered if they could have the same success SATC had, reuniting Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt Le-Blanc for the first time since 2004 when the show ended.

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Crazay4162d ago

I think that there are certain shows that can pull off a feature length movie and others that can't. Unfortunately, Friends is one of the shows that can't and really shouldn't try. If the desire is that strong, for a reunion then the best thing to do is film a movie mini series with 3 1hr episodes or maybe 6 1hr episodes to get a look into each character.

Sunny_D4161d ago

Friends doesn't need a movie. Some of the cast are completely changed today and wouldn't be the same for a movie.

Soldierone4162d ago

I never really liked the show, it was like dry humor and if something else was on id watch that instead. I understand why people like it, but the thing I dont unerstand is how they plan to turn this into a movie? Is it going to be generic like all the others where they go on a road trip or something stupid like that.

I see it happening purely for the fact that it will make money. Just like how Sex in the City wasn't great, yet the fans grab on tight and never let go.

Next stop, Two and a Half Men in Vegas! lol

gunnerforlife4162d ago

two and a half men in vegas would actually be kinda funny and i can see some funny stuff happening in there :D

Soldierone4161d ago

In my mind its basically the hang over with more dry humor lol

gunnerforlife4161d ago

now that was a great movie lool

but yh i get were ur coming from

Sunny_D4161d ago

I agree. I watched funnier sitcomes than friends. Like Full House!

Crazay4162d ago

I'm not on board with TV shows receiving the big screen treatment. Most times it doesn't work... I often think that it could be a good idea but then I smarten up.

ilikestuff4162d ago

id watch an east bound and down movie, and i like the simpsons movie. the only way this movie would work for me is if the broads got naked.

DempseySanders4162d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing a movie if they were going to go ahead with it, though maybe a thanksgiving episode, or a few one of specials might better suit the show than a big screen adaptation.

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