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RIHD: True Grit – or Give The Kid The Oscar

Reviews in HD presents the Mobile Movie Minute Review of True Grit:

Mobile Movie Minute 168 does a redo of John Wayne's classic True Grit. Wayne won an Oscar for his performance, but that is not happening here. Matt Damon is a joke and Jeff Bridges is so irritating I had to cover my ears whenever he opened his mouth. Hailee Steinfeld on the other hand is a joy to watch. 3.8 bags of remixed popcorn for this redo of a good ole cowboy yarn. No indians though, just cowboys. And no saloon, either.

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JL4155d ago

Hmm, oddly enough I'd probably give about the same score. But the text of this doesn't seem to truly reflect that text and some of the reviewers' opinions. Of course I'm kinda stingy with scores (my Best Film of 2010 is a 9/10 movie; 10/10 demands perfection and that rating won't be given out lightly or even remotely frequently).

That being said, I understand the Matt Damon complaint. However, I don't think it was Damon's fault. Rather, I think the character was just poorly written. The character just came off cheesy at times too. Like "...or should I say, your EYE". Seriously? That is some really cheesy dialogue right there. I just didn't like the character, doesn't matter who would've done the role.

Jeff Bridges was not irritating to me. I liked him just fine in his performance. And Hailee Steinfeld did do a good job. Not "give the kid the Oscar" good, but good. Overall, I thought it was an entertaining movie. It was good. But, again, it falls into that overrated category like several others this year. Definitely not "OMG it's the greatest movie of the year" crap. Still worth a watch though.