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GameZone Review: Black Swan

"Never would I have thought a film about ballerinas would be so malicious and distressing. Dealing with a subject renowned for its precise and meticulous form and beauty, Black Swan is more physical and bodily than the ethereal dance would deceive. Not just the bruised and gnarled toes and crackling joints of these master dancers, Black Swan is the rapid decline of a dance perfectionist as she aims for perfection, a carnal transformation from innocence into something much darker."

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RogueCheddar4158d ago

This movie freaked me the hell out. It was great though.

JL4157d ago

lol I wouldn't say it freaked me out. Not in the slightest really. It was creepy in a sense though and very very good. An enjoyable movie. Portman was awesome.

RogueCheddar4157d ago

What about when that chick stabbed herself in the face?

JL4157d ago

That was definitely weird, guess you could say even disturbing on some level. But I think I'm pretty jaded so that stuff doesn't freak me out. Like I'm the type that can sit there and eat while watching the grotesque scenes in a movie that would normally disgust most people.

jony_dols4156d ago

Aronofsky has finally redeemed himself for that pretentious garbage that was the Fountain.

First he gave me the Wrestler and now he has given me Black Swan.

Sunny_D4154d ago

I heard a lot of people just walked out the theater after the 1st hour. They hated it apparently.