5 Movies of 2010 That Should Have Been Awesome

At the end of 2010 TMP takes a look back at the films that were supposed to blow everyone away. Even with incredible hype and excited fans, these movies failed to deliver on their promises of greatness.

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Crazay4292d ago

I enjoyed Iron Man 2 but Survival of the Dead was an absolute piece of crap. I think Romero is trying far too hard with his last 2 movies however, I didn't hate Diary of the Dead.

darklordzor4292d ago

I just didn't care for Diary. It was all right, but again it's evidence that he's losing his touch.

JL4291d ago

I actually didn't hate any of these movies. Clash I didn't seem to be as disappointed with as most. Maybe because I didn't have high expectations going in...? And maybe that's because I've never seen the original...?

Prince of Persia? Went in suspecting mindless action movie. That's what I got. It was entertaining in a generic sort of way. Iron Man 2? Wasn't all the disappointed with. Was it as good as the first? No. But it was still decent/good. I enjoyed it.

Tron I haven't seen. Maybe I'll rent it when it comes out. To be honest, I had no interest in it from the get go. Survival of the Dead? I didn't even mind that one. It showed that apparently Romero has nothing new to say about zombies, but was moderately decent still. Another decent "mindless" movie. Definitely not his best work though. I will say at times it did have almost a Shyamalan type vibe to me. And for those that know me well enough, you know that's not a good thing. Scratch that, anybody that has any sense knows thats not a good thing lol.

That being said, none of these would I recommend as anything more than a rental really. Though I did buy Iron Man 2 and Clash of the Titans. But I buy far more movies than the average, so....most people would probably want to stick with rental.

darklordzor4291d ago

That's partly the point. None of these movies are particularly bad. They have enjoyable moments and can be very fun to watch....but they should have been more than that. They should be more than rentals, but they weren't. These films should have been epic, but were only okay.

JL4291d ago

Yea, I know each one held a lot more potential than they managed. That leads to disappointment. I guess just for me though, I didn't have any big expectations from any of these. I went in expecting mediocre, and that's what I got.