Top DVD/Blu-ray Sales and Rentals for the Week Ending December 26, 2010

Rentrak has announced last week’s biggest selling and most rented movies on DVD and Blu-ray. This includes data from the week ending December 26, 2010. For the second week in a row, the animated feature Despicable Me, starring Steve Carell, remains in the number one spot. While Twilight’s Eclipse holds down the second spot again this week. The only newcomer to break the top five was the Angelina Jolie vehicale Salt which came in third. Meanwhile, Toy Story 3 still continues to do ridiculously well. Not only remaining in the top ten for the 8th week in a row. But this week it managed to climb three spots as well. Climbing from number 7 last week, all the way up to number 4 this past week.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM4159d ago

really I am shocked it was not that great of a movie...

Names can sell movies.... is so true...

it is Bourne with a skinny skinny