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'Uncharted' Game Developer Gives Fans Hope The Movie Won't Suck

In an interview with the developer of the Uncharted games, some very big bits of news on the film got leaked out. Namely, everything fans have heard so far about the movie is wrong...and Wahlberg isn't confirmed for the lead role.

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JL4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

Wahlberg not being confirmed is very good news for me. Gives me hope again.

Couple things here, I'd have to actually go back and read the LA Times piece again sometime, but that quote right there doesn't in fact make any mention of Wahlberg being in there. Though it does hint at the concept of Drake's dad and uncle being in there. So, that would still kinda suck if they're changing it up so much, but introducing them two was never so much my problem as it was the horrible miscasting.

Secondly, LA Times. As I think about it, I remember that I'm pretty sure they're the ones that ran that story about Disney saying they weren't going to be making any fairy tale movies anymore. Which apparently got called out by a Disney exec saying that was never said at all and they even have some things in the works that would fall in that category. So, that kinda sets precedent there that they have reported things that just aren't true. And that would make twice for LA Times in recent time, which is pretty shoddy work for such a big publication.

darklordzor4166d ago

The thing that always gets me is that Mark Wahlberg was the one who said he was in it. He did the video interview with MTV about it. So I wonder what's really going on here.

The game devs have the final say on it. They actually control the property so any ideas have to pass through them first. Who knows, maybe they finally said, "no, you're not doing that" to David O. Russell.

I feel myself getting excited again for this movie, and the fact that they acknowledge the fan outcry for Nathan Fillion is always promising.

RememberThe3574166d ago

I really hope your right about the devs having final say. I have no problem with Russell making Uncharted with his own vision, but only as long as he respects the source material.

I'm feeling excited again too, but I'm hesitant that this will just turn into crap.

But at this point it seems like the movie is still in the planing stages and still doesn't even have a story. As I reread Russell LA Times quote it seemed more like an idea he wanted to pursue and less something he had written as the plot.

It's all up in the air, I just hope everything lands in place.

JL4166d ago

I'm not so sure Naughty Dog does have the final say. My guess is they don't. Rather, they probably have enough influence that if they REALLY hated something being done and pitched a fit enough, that Sony would listen just for the sake of keeping Naughty Dog happy. But I don't think it's like Naughty Dog has final say or ultimate veto power.

That being said, I do believe they are kept in the loop enough and have enough influence that they can make some things happen (or not happen).

Not sure why Wahlberg said that though or what's really going on here. However, yes, I'm excited again for this movie.

Soldierone4163d ago

Actually they have absolutely no control over it at all. ND sold the rights to Sony Pictures to make a film, and thats that. ND has no rights to anything more than getting some of the profit from the film, and even that is not really likely unless it makes tons of money.

ND can't and won't have any say in story, characters, or movie production. unless of course the director or someone asks for their opinion. I'm sure a final shot of the film will pass through ND and some slight changes will be made, but nothing major.

JL4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Yea, I definitely wouldn't say they have any legal claim to the movie. More of what I was getting at is they might be given courtesy passes and have a slight influence in that way just because they are so close with the SCEA arm of Sony.

And of course you know somebody from Sony is there serving as Producer. So they might allow somebody from ND to occasionally be on set or at the pre-production process as sort of a "consultant".

But actual veto power or legal claim to the movie, or any real decision making power? No way.

darklordzor4162d ago

Okay, I was a little off, but they didn't just sell off the rights either. ND is part of Sony, and Sony Pictures isn't the one making this film. SCE is a producer on it, but Columbia Pictures are the big ones here doing the promotion and such.

They are involved in the film in some way, but they aren't disclosing the creative freedom they have. In an interview with Playstation University, they did say this:

“We do work relatively close with Arad Productions – for example, we get to see scripts, we consult on helping with background on our characters and the universe – so we do feel involved with the project. At the end of the day, making top-notch video games is our core discipline and what we’re good at; while on the flip side, Arad Productions, Columbia Pictures and everyone involved with the feature film are extremely skilled at what they do, so we absolutely trust them to make the right decisions to not only make great films, but to make a great UNCHARTED film.”

So they are obviously involved if they get to look over the scripts and stuff like that.

Crazay4166d ago

I'm still not fully sold on Fillion taking the role of Nathan Drake but he's a much better fit than Marky Mark.

JL4166d ago

I'm actually with you. I think we're in the minority it seems. I'm not sold on Fillion as Drake either. And not nearly as eager for him to get it as others seem to be. Though, yes, he's infinitely better than Wahlberg for the role. But let's be honest...Pee Wee Herman would be better than Wahlberg for the role.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I kinda like James Roday's personality for the Drake role. He'd have to bulk up a bit and dedicate himself to the role. But I think his sarcastic demeanor and his sense of humor would be a great fit.

Soldierone4163d ago

I don't see Fillon in the role either, like honestly if he was in it I would lose all faith in this film entirely.

I was thinking what about Zachery Levi. He is in Chuck, be he plays nearly the same character in Tangled. He is a little big for the part, but that can be fixed. Plus all the Fillion fans are saying "oh its how he says his lines in other movies" well the guy Zach plays in Tangled sounds just like Drake.

JonLon4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

Thank God. All these rumors I was really starting to worry. After I heard the Wahlberg one, and the director's..controversial. . statements, I was ready to write this one off.

Anyway, here's hoping someone more fitting like Joe Flanigan or Fillion play the part. Me personally, it's Flanigan:

Deleting4165d ago

I hope David drops the film if he can't get away with what he wants. I think ND might of said that he wasn't allowed to go through with his idea because of all the backlash it's getting when it hasn't even gotten the greenlight yet.

hell why don't they just get Amy Hennig and use her script, I mean for David to say the game has nothing more then a title and characters names just shows you he dosen't give a shit

I hope they choose Emily Rose though to play Elena Fisher and I hope if Emily Rose signs on it will give Nolan North the motivation to audition for the role of Nathan Drake.

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