Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye Will Cameo in Thor

Everyone knows that Jeremy Renner will play Hawkeye in Joss Whedon's "The Avengers," but that's not the first time we'll see the Oscar-nominated "Hurt Locker" star drawing the bow and arrow.

Renner will first appear as Hawkeye in a cameo in the Kenneth Branagh-directed "Thor," TheWrap has learned.

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darklordzor4158d ago

Honestly, I would take this as a rumor. This isn't a confirmed thing. The 'source' is unnamed and doesn't even give any specific details except that 'he's in there'. Wow, so reliable.

It wouldn't be surprising, but they've made several statements in the past about it not happening, so I wouldn't take a source (who somehow got to see the entire film early) too seriously.

Crazay4157d ago

I think it's probably safe to assume that all of the characters set to be in the Avengers movie will be somewhere in some shape or form in this movie and Captain America.