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National Film Registry's 25 Films For 2010

From Deadline:

The National Film Registry of the Library of Congress has made its annual addition of 25 films to be preserved for their position as American cultural touchstones. This year, the Film Registry honored the work of the late Leslie Nielsen with Airplane!, and the late Blake Edwards with The Pink Panther. They've also gone heavy on 1970s films, choosing seminal films All the President's Men, The Exorcist, Grey Gardens, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, and Saturday Night Fever.

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darklordzor4164d ago

Yay for Empire Strikes Back being in here (also THX 1138, so that's 2 for Lucas this year). Even though the new age of Blu-rays and digital media, make it unlikely that films will be lost for all ages, it's cool to see this organization still preserving films for all times. Nice to know that even if civilization collapses one day Star Wars may be enjoyed by others.