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Box Office Top 10 December 24-26: A Jeff Bridges Christmas

While it was the Christmas weekend, some very non-Christmas themed movies were the ones taking the top spot in the box office. Tron dropped off significantly, but another Jeff Bridges movie has stepped up. Even so, a family film takes the number one spot.

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JL4291d ago

No big surprises here. You had to know the Focker name was going to bring a big crowd. I don't see the chart changing too much over next weekend either as nothing comes out this week. Well, nothing in a wide release.

darklordzor4290d ago

I think the big, and unexpected change on this one was Tron Legacy dropping over 50% from last weekend. While it's still pulling in money, that's a massive drop for something that was supposed to be a blockbuster, and it's still a long way away from making it's money back.

Most surprising for me is how Narnia is holding on. They've hardly dropped and are even close to catching Tron for total box office so far...that should tell you something.