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DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for the Week of December 28, 2010

In this weekly feature, we bring you the latest releases on DVD and Blu-ray for the week. Releases this week include The American starring George Clooney. Also, the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise (Resident Evil: Afterlife) will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray as well. It will also be receiving a Blu-ray 3D release. So, not much to write home about as most studios aimed to release their bigger movies before the holidays.

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darklordzor4162d ago

I really want to check out The American, and for some reason, still really want to see the Resident Evil movie. I found the first 3 fun in a very goofy/mindless nature, so wouldn't mind seeing how this one came about.

I also think I have to get Surf Nazis Must Die, just because that title is so awesome!

JL4162d ago

I'm not against seeing The American. Just not too excited about it. I do want to see Resident Evil: Afterlife though as I've enjoyed the others. It might wait for a Netflix rental though.

Crazay4161d ago

Resident Evil 3 was decent - I loved the 1st one and enjoyed the subsequent sequels enough to warrant a purchase. There were some things in Afterlife that I wasn't too crazy about but all in all I enjoyed the movie. There were some cool nods to fans of the game series that anyone whose played through them will pick up on.

JL4160d ago

I quit playing RE when it quite being a survival horror game. Though I will eventually see Afterlife. I can still enjoy it, I think, in a mindless action movie kinda way.

Crazay4159d ago

I understand only too well what you're saying about the game series. I'm hopeful things get back to the basics the way they were. I enjoy the movies and look forward to the next one.