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Drunk on Judgement - How Do You Know Review

Drunk on Judgement: How Do You Know does not drift far from the usual storyline associated with romantic comedies – guy gets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back. With an all star cast including Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson, I was sufficiently entertained, but expected more from a cast of this magnitude. The premise of How Do You Know revolves around a professional softball player, Lisa (Witherspoon), and a businessman named George (Rudd), who randomly meet and eventually fall for each other.

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darklordzor4541d ago

Kind of sad that this has bombed so horribly. I was really hoping that a good adult rom-com could work, and maybe save us all from the normal chick-flicks we get.

Crazay4539d ago

I just can't see myself as "entertained" by any romantic comedies. I think America still wants another ...UGH...Pretty Woman. Movies like this never tend to do all that well.

darklordzor4539d ago

Ha! For some strange reason I've always kind of liked romantic movies. For me, if it has a good story I'll watch just about anything. Unfortunately most rom-coms come off exactly the same. I think Pretty Woman became so popular because it tried something totally different.