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Who Should Be Snyder/Nolan Superman?

Not long ago, Warner Brothers announced that Zack Snyder was officially attached to direct the new installment in the Superman franchise, Man of Steel. So naturally, everyone’s next step is to debate which actor will be play him. The most widely publicized rumor, so far, claims that Mad Men star Jon Hamm is up for the dual role of Clark Kent/ Superman.

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darklordzor3924d ago

This is probably the first time in a superhero film that I've really had no preference on an actor. Normally I have guys I think would be perfect, but there seem to be so many good candidates for Superman, that I'm mostly just waiting to see what the official word is. It's not that I don't care about Superman (I'm crazy excited for this project) I just can't decide who would be better than the other.

pwneddemocrat3923d ago

i still cant imagine Nolan and Snyder working together
although they're in the same field that Nolas is famous for
Nolan's approach to movies is different than Snyder's approach

darklordzor3923d ago

I think the combo is great. Say what you will about him, but Snyder has fantastic vision and a great visual flare...and Nolan has the storytelling abilities. This combo seems perfect to me, and Nolan is strong enough to reign Snyder in, if it gets out of hand.

pwneddemocrat3923d ago

They both have great visions and i adore Snyder, he directed some of my favorite movies
but as i said, their visions is different
look at Watchman and Nolan's Batman

Both great film, great visions but totally different approach
Snyder loves special effects while Nolan tries to stay away from them as long as possible and whenever he needs to
plus, Nolan has that dark mood in his movies
while Snyder also has that dark mood, it's different, his is with colors and some filtering

both great directors, just different visions

i hope this movie turns out super awesome

darklordzor3923d ago

"Both great film, great visions but totally different approach
Snyder loves special effects while Nolan tries to stay away from them as long as possible"

Absolutely right....and that's why I feel they are going to work well together. They both have these great visions, but let's face it, Superman is a story that is going to demand special effects work.

He's an alien with super powers. Batman can exist in the 'real' world and thus the special effects can be limited. Since Superman can fly and lift buildings and such, VFX are necessary. This is where Snyder can shine.

JL3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

I wouldn't say Nolan tries to stay away from special effects, it's just he's not one of those guys that tries to put them in everything. Like Dark said, Batman doesn't really need the effects cause he can exist in the real world. Hence Nolan not going overboard with it there. But, look at Inception. Amazing effects in there. So, see when the movie calls for it, Nolan can definitely do it and incorporate it properly.

I absolutely think this is a good pairing. I said it back when it was announced that Snyder was the best choice of who they had lined up. This is when people seemed to be mad about the choice. But the way I see it is: Chris Nolan and David Goyer did the story, Jonathan Nolan and Goyer doing the screenplay. That covers Snyder's weak point (let's face it, he can be a bit weak in the script department).

So the Nolan gang takes care of the script and will set the mood. And I think they'll leave it to Snyder to create the vision and execute the story. It should be brilliant I think. Basically you're getting the whole Nolan camp, plus the whole Snyder camp and just combining them (cause Deborah and Emma and Jonathan and all of them are coming in on this project too). That sounds like an awesome collaboration.

On that note, it's appearing that I was right before and Tyler Bates will be returning to work with Snyder. Seems the film's imdb page has been updated. The only thing left in the Music Department is Tyler Bates' name. Meaning Zimmer and a few others were removed. So, if they left Bates' name on there, there has to be a reason.

Now, for who I want to play Superman. I still want Routh. I'm sure whoever they pick will be good, but right now I want Routh.

rockleex3923d ago

Nolan and Snyder should have both worked together on Watchmen too!

Snyder was able to make every single scene from the visual novel come to life, but the authenticity of the characters and the seriousness of the situations they were facing wasn't there.

Nolan would have been able to help out on that.

JL3923d ago

See^ Case in point, Snyder's weak spot is his writing. Which makes this pairing awesome.

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darklordzor3923d ago

Ha! Yeah I guess as long as the spot is still open we should just start throwing ourselves out there for it.

MastaMold3922d ago

why aren't WB use Brandon Routh i like him in Superman Returns? wasup wit that

Crazay3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

I'm also a huge fan of the teaming up of Snyder and Nolan but for the casting of Supes, there really should be no debate. Brandon Routh. The guy cut his teeth on Superman Returns and like some of the others here, I didn't hate the movie like so many did but the real shining star of that movie was Brandon Routh and his ability to fill the big shoes of Superman. He was charismatic and oozed heroism and naivety and nerdiness of Clark Kent.

It sucks that he's not even being considered for the part. I'd also be perfectly ok with Tom Welling taking on the role but that'll never happen. I've heard there's been a modest growth in support for Joe Manganiello from True Blood to take on the role but something about the guy doesn't fit for me. I think he looks too Italian(?)...

At any rate I read somewhere who MTV thought "should play" the role of Superman: John Barrowman, Matthew Bomer, Henry Cavill, Jon Hamm and Brandon Routh and it seems those are the names that continually come up while trolling the internet. I can only agree with one and we all know which one that is.

JL3916d ago

I agree. I can't even see anybody but Brandon Routh playing Superman anymore. He was such a perfect Superman. I absolutely loved him as Superman. But, that's not going to happen, so I've put that behind me and moved on (as much as I'd like to see him play Superman again).

Though, if I'm honest, he might not be suited for it in this movie. If they do go the darker grittier route (which seems inevitable at this point), I'm not really sure Routh could pull that one off. As the clean-cut, boyish, naive Superman (your normal Superman)he was amazing. Don't think he could pull off dark and gritty though.

Out of all the ones I've seen mentioned (besides Brandon Routh), Matthew Bomer I might could see the best in the role. But I think for that role, they'd have to no being going too dark, but rather focus more on "gritty".

FAT MAN GO BOOM3917d ago

they need to change superman up big time if they want it to fly... Singer is a good director but his super sucked ass...

they need to turn super man up on his head and make it darker... lose lex for now... bring in fresh meat for superman's cannon fodder...

they need an different angle I think something like an aged or gritter superman... not a clean cut super man... or one that becomes clean cut...

not a young no name actor as well they need a strong actor that has been there and done it...

they need that and they need to bulck him up...

JL3916d ago

I agree with everything there except the "not a young no name actor" part.

They DO need a no-name actor. In fact, to completely turn the franchise around, a no-name actor is almost required. Granted, there are exceptions to a rule like that (Bale as Batman), but it would work much better with a no-name actor. They need someone who will be Superman, not "So-and-so playing Superman". You want to create a dark image, and create an actor that becomes simply known as Superman for that.

I think the dark and gritty is a given though at this point with Snyder helming it and Nolan supervising.