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Shakefire: Gulliver's Travels Review

From Shakefire: "Gulliver (Jack Black) has always been the one looking up at people. Working in the mail room at a news agency, he's rubbed elbows with many high and mighty journalists but never gathered up the courage to talk to them, especially his longtime crush, Darcy (Amanda Peet).

On one of his many attempts to ask her on a date, he chickens out and ends up telling her that he can write. After forging a sample article, he is sent to the Bermuda Triangle for a story. Little did he know that he would be transported to a world filled with tiny, little people who would teach him more about himself than he ever thought possible."

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darklordzor4158d ago

Hmmm...I keep seeing up and down reviews for this one. Either people really like it, or they really hate it. Not sure what to think. I'm willing to give it a chance, but I'm going to keep expectations low.