Couch Potato Club: Will Smith's Best Films

Many musicians have tried their turn at the other arm of the entertainment industry, movies. Few have really succeeded, though, in becoming respectable actors. As far as I’m concerned, none have done it better than Will Smith, though. Starting out as the wise-cracking Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith wasn’t taken as a serious actor so much. However, over the years he has turned in some very good performances that have garnered him the respect of many movie lovers. Here, I pick what I feel are his 5 best roles to date.

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maniactadpole4161d ago

Will Smith is a force to be reckoned with.

darklordzor4160d ago

Agreed, he does a great job in everything he does, and can absolutely make a movie. It's amazing to think about how he got started as a comedic actor on a sit-com, and now he's one of the most wanted men in Hollywood.