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Vin Diesel Drops Hints About The Next 'Riddick' Movie

Vin Diesel, through his Facebook, has update his fans with some very minor details on the next Chronicles of Riddick movie. It's not much, but a cool picture and the assurance that this project is still alive, is more than fans have been getting.

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Socrates4163d ago

Awesome. I love the Riddick movies. Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick were both great movies. Riddick is the best anti-hero ever.

darklordzor4163d ago

I really want this movie. I thought the last one was good and filled a role in sci-fi that's typically void. While the sci-fi genre is making a big comeback I still think there's plenty of room for another Riddick movie to flourish. Good to know it's still being worked on in some form.